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Water Pipe with Tracer Wire Attached
EndoTrace is Endot’s premium HDPE, NSF Certified water service tubing with a factory installed tracer wire for easy, one step installation.
  • Save installation time
  • Assure rapid locating of your water line
  • Two Strong tape layers hold wire in place for a long lasting installation
  • Can be horizontally directional bored into place
  • Reduced labor costs by eliminating need for a separate wire in the trench
  • No interference with fittings or fusion
  • Meets National Plumbing Code (sec. requirement for tracer wire on underground non-metallic water service tubing.
  • Available ½” through 2” in IPS and CTS sizing with 250 psi ratings.
  • 10 awg wire standard
Contact Endot Industries, Inc. for a quotation or a sample of EndoTrace for your test installation.