Certificate of Purity

Endot Industries, Inc. guarantees that EndoPure pipe is produced from Virgin, High Density, Polyethylene and that EndoPure contains no lead and no chlorine that can come into contact with the water transported by the pipe. No solvents are needed to connect EndoPure pipe during installation. EndoPure is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation to be safe for the transport of drinking water and is regularly tested by NSF to be sure EndoPure does not contain any harmful chemicals including lead and chlorine.


Lifetime Warranty

Endot Industries, Inc. warrants EndoPure pipe for an individual purchasers Lifetime against rot, rust and elctrolytic corrosion and to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

If Endot EndoPure pipe is installed according to Endot's published installation procedures* and used within recommended pressure and temperature ratings and if EndoPure pipe fails due to a proven defect in materials or workmanship during the original purchasers lifetime Endot Industries, Inc. will do the following:

Provide and equal quantity of Endot EndoPure pipe to replace the amount proven to be defective, free of charge and freight prepaid.

For submersible pump installations Endot will pay for reasonable direct labor charges incurred on site for the removal of defective pipe and replacing the pipe with new Endot EndoPure pipe.

For submersible pump installations Endot will pay for the replacement or repairs to the pump if the pump is lost or damaged as a result of a proven defect or seperation of the pipe up to $150.

If the pipe is used in a distribution line Endot will pay for reasonable direct labor charges up to $3.00 per linear foot, incurred on the site in the removal of the defective pipe and replacement with new Endot EndoPure pipe.


EXCLUSIONS: This warranty does not cover pump replacement or repairs caused by other than proven pipe defect, such as, but not limited to breakage of the fittings, joint seperation, unworkmanlike or improper pump installation or removal, incorrect working pressure or use beyond the design specifications of the pipe. The use of compounds or lubricants, containing detergentsk, surfactants, soap products or pipe dope compounds voids this warranty. Endot will not be responsible for pipe damage caused by chemicals present in the water or ground the pipe is installed in. This warranty is provided for the solebenefit of teh purchaser only, and shall create no rights against Endot, Inc. in any other person. This warranty may not bemodified except in writing.

* Installation procedures can be obtained by writing to Endot or calling us at 1-800-44ENDOT.

This warranty shall constitute the sole and exclusive remedy of any purchaser of Endot Industries, Inc. EndoPure pipe. Specifically excluded from the scope of this warranty are implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular use, and any other implied or express warranty. This warranty gives the purchaser specific legal rights. The purchaser may have legal rights in addition to this warranty, which vary from state to state.