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HDPE Green Sewer Pipe

Endot PE 4710 Green Sewer Pipe

HDPE pipe and tubing is an excellent choice for force main sewage or grinder pump applications do to its chemical and corrosion resistance. Endot has recognized the need for such applications and offers Green Sewer Pipe produced from Virgin PE4710 resin.

Utilizing the same co-extrusion process used to make our widely accepted Endopure potable water products, we have once again met the emerging demand for specifiable, color-coded, identification of buried underground utility lines.

Endot Green Sewer Pipe and Tubing has the following features :

  • Produced from 100% Virgin NSF Certified PE4710 HDPE Resin. 
    Pipe made with PE 4710 resin has a 25% higher pressure ating than PE 3408 pipe.
  • Green exterior shell co-extruded over a virgin clear HDPE core clearly identifies the pipe for sewage and  non potable 
     waste water applications only, minimizing harmful cross contamination errors that could occur in the field
  • UV Protected for outdoor storage and to prevent sunlight deterioration
  • Long seamless coil lengths ensures a leak free system
  • Consecutive footage marks every 2 feet
  • Permanent indent printing
  • Minimum four point coil taping every 100 feet of pipe
  • Available with an optional tracer-wire for ease of underground location (See our EndoTrace product)
  • Green Sewer Pipe is available in the following HDPE ASTM Standards from 1” – 2”
      ASTM D3035 IPS OD Controlled – SDR 11 200PSI
      ASTM D2737 CTS – SODR 9 250PSI
For more information regarding Endot Green Sewer Pipe or any Endot product, please contact your 
local Endot Sales Representative or contact us directly at 1-800 – 44ENDOT (800-443-6368) or email to info@endot.com