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Endocore RWT


Understanding the needs to conserve, protect and reuse our vital natural resources Endot is pleased to offer the availability of ENDOCORE - Purple Reclaimed Water Pipe and Tubing produced from PE4710 Virgin HDPE resins.

Utilizing the same co-extrusion process used to make our widely accepted Endopure potable water products, we have once again met the emerging demand for specifiable, color-coded, identification of buried underground utility lines.

Endocore – Reclaimed Water Pipe and Tubing offers following features :

  • Produced from 100% Virgin NSF Certified PE4710 HDPE Resin - Endot produces Endocore RWT with the highest grade 
    of material possible to ensure a long life in a harsh environment.  The use of NSF Certified materials ensures that 
    Endocore RWT can withstand the high content of oxidizers (chlorine and chloramines) found in reclaimed water.
  • Purple Shell (Pantone 522C) co-extruded over a virgin clear HDPE core clearly identifies the pipe for reuse water 
    applications only, minimizing harmful cross contamination errors that could occur in the field
  • UV Protected for outdoor storage and to prevent sunlight deterioration
  • Consecutive footage marking every 2 feet
  • Permanent white indent printing
  • Minimum four point coil taping every 100 feet of pipe
  • Available with an optional tracer-wire for ease of underground location (See our EndoTrace product)
  • Endocore – Reclaimed Water Pipe and Tubing is available in the following HDPE ASTM Standards from ¾” – 2”
                ASTM D2737 CTS – SODR 9 250 psi
                ASTM D2239 IPS   – SIDR 7 250 psi
                ASTM D3035 IPS   -  SDR 11 - 200 psi
For more information regarding Endocore or any other Endot product, please contact your local Endot Sales Representative or contact us directly at 1-800 – 44ENDOT (800-443-6368)or email us at info@endot.com