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Sheathing Duct for Post-Tensioning

HDPE Sheathing duct is a corrugated duct produced from high performance PE4710 resin.  HDPE Sheathing duct is ideal for use in high corrosion prone areas and an excellent alternative to metallic sheathing ducts.

Endot produces HDPE Sheathing Duct in standard sizes:

  • 32 mm - 1.25" ID
  • 38 mm - 1.50" ID
  • 51 mm - 2.00" ID

HDPE Sheathing Duct Advantages:

  • Chemically Inert for Resistance to corrosion
  • Water Tight
  • Easy Handling – light weight and little memory
  • Available in Long Continuous Lengths to Eliminate Couplings
  • Electrical Isolation
  • Good Bond with Concrete
  • Environmentally Friendly – Recyclable

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