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Endocor Corrugated HDPE Innerduct


Designed specifically for fiber optic cables
  • Flexible
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Corrugated for lowest possible coefficient of friction
  • Lightweight yet highly crush resistant
  • No Memory for ease of handling in all weather
  • Available in solid colors or stripes
  • Standard and custom reel lengths
  • Available with multiple lengths and colors on one reel
  • Sizes from 1/2" through 2"
  • Special high tensile versions available
  • Available pre-threaded with a variety of pull tapes (optional)
  • Endocor Corrugated Innerduct is produced from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

ENDOCOR'S corrugated design provides high tensile strength with low weight per foot for ease of handling and significantly longer pulls than can be obtained with smoothwall or ribbed innerduct.

ENDOCOR provides the lowest cable pulling friction of ANY innerduct design because of reduced surface area and no reel memory which eliminates spiraling in the conduit.

ENDOCOR 1050 and 1250 can be coupled with the easy to use, low cost ENDOCLIP for a fast joint that is stronger than the innerduct itself.


------------------------------ Nominal ------------------------------

No.   SIZE O.D. I.D.
500   1/2" (13mm) 0.850" (22mm) 0.652" (17mm)
750   3/4" (19mm) 1.116" (28mm) 0.870" (22mm)
1050   1" (25mm) 1.400" (35mm) 1.050" (27mm)
1250   1 1/4" (32mm) 1.600" (41mm) 1.250" (32mm)
1500   1 1/2" (38mm) 1.900" (48mm) 1.500" (36mm)
2000   2" (51mm) 2.350" (60mm) 1.900" (48mm)

For product quantity per reel refer to Endot's REEL CAPACITY CHARTS.

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