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EnducTrace - Traceable Conduit

EnducTrace is a premium HDPE, Outside Plant Smoothwall Conduit with a factory installed tracer wire for easy, one step installation of conduit and tracer together.  


  • Reduced labor costs - eliminate need for separate wire in trench
  • Steel Tracer is durable, lighter than copper
  • Can be Directionally bored into place
  • Two Strong tape layers for long lasting installation
  • Wire is external to conduit therefore NO interference with fittings or fusion
  • Conduit wall is not compromised
  • Available most sizes of conduit


  • 10 awg standard
  • Single Strand Copper Clad Steel by Copperhead
  • Break Load - 600 lbs.
  • Insulation type - HDPE
  • Total Weight of 10 awg tracer wire = 32.5 lbs./1000 feet
  • Meets national Plumbing Code for tracer wire


  • Two, independent, sprial wound, polypropylene tape layers encase the wire and hold it to the conduit
  • Will NOT interfere with fittings or fusion connections