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Endot PE4710/3408 HDPE Gas Pipe (IPS & CTS)

Endot announces the immediate availability of PE4710* (PE-100) High Density Polyethylene gas pipe produced from the new, high performance Bi-Modal resin, DGDA 2490BK from Dow Chemical.

Endot PE 4710 Gas Pipe is produced in black with three yellow stripes for easy identification as gas service pipe and tubing. Endot PE 3408 Gas Pipe is available in CTS and IPS dimensions produced to ASTM D2513 and is available in sizes from ½” through 8 ”.

The Dow resin DGDA 2490BK used to make Endot PE 4710 Gas Pipe is a Bi-Modal, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and is the first ISO PE100 pipe material produced in North America to be listed with a 100- year rating at 20°C (68°F) by The Plastics Pipe Institute, Inc. (PPI). DOW DGDA-2490 BK100 HDPE resin also was given a 50-year rating at 40°C (104°F) and an 11-year rating at 60°C (140°F) by the PPI, making it the first PE resin to be listed at elevated temperatures

This new PE 4710 HDPE resin provides enhanced performance characteristics, such as:

  • Superior Slow Crack Growth (SCG) resistance
  • Excellent resistance to Rapid Crack Propagation (RCP)
  • High temperature/pressure performance
  • Increased toughness (especially at low temperatures)
  • Increased tensile strength and modulus
  • Enhanced fusion to MDPE and other HDPE pipe grades
Resin Properties    
Cell Classification (with carbon black) ASTM D3350 PE44576C
Melt Index (12) @190°C/2.16 kg, g/10 min ASTM D1238 0.08
Flow Rate (12) @190°CI21.60 kg, g/10min ASTM D1238 7.0
Density (natural resin), g/cc ASTM D792 0.949
Density, g/cc ASTM D792 0.959
Thermal Stability, °F (“C) ASTM D3350 >428 (>220)
Mechanical Properties    
Tensile Strength at Yield, psi (MPa) ASTM D638 3600 (24.8)
Elongation at Break, % ASTM D638 740
Flexural Modulus, psi (MPa) ASTM D790, method 1, procedure B 150,000 (1034)
Notched Izod Impact © 23°C, ft lbf/in. (J/m) ASTM D256, method A 9.l (488)
Brittleness Temprature, "F(°C) ASTM D746, procedure A <-103 (<-75)
Slow Crack Growth PENT, hours ASTM F1473 >10000
Pipe Properties    
Hydrostatic Strength @ 20°C /1798 psi (12.4 MPa), hr. ASTM 1598 >100
Hydrostatic Strength @ 80°C / 798 psi ( 5.5 MPa), hr. ASTM 1598 >1000
Resistance to Rapid Crack Propagation, Pc, psi (bar) SO 13477 >174 (>12)
Resistance to Rapid Crack Propagation, Tc, °F (“C) ISO 13477 <2 (<-17)

Fusion Qualification
Qualified to TR-33 Generic Procedure

* PE 4710 is also called PE 3408 under certain ASTM and AGA specifications

To learn more about Endot PE 4710 Gas Pipe and Tubing or to obtain a quotation please contact us
at 1-800 44 ENDOT (800-443-6368) or email your request to info@endot.com.