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Company Tour

Endot Corporate Headquarters

Endot Industries, Inc. is headquartered in northwest New Jersey just off of Interstate 80 and only forty miles west of New York City. Our primary manufacturing facility shares the same building as the administrative offices. In addition to our New Jersey location Endot has two other facilities a Southern plant in Greeneville, TN and a Western plant in Pryor Creek, OK.

All three Endot Industries facilities have rail sidings for delivery of raw materials in bulk to keep costs as low as possible.  Each plant has large capacity storage silos for these raw materials to ensure continuing operation between deliveries.

Raw Materials

Endot receives 90% of the raw materials used in production by railcar. These resins are stored in specially constructed silos to protect against contamination. A secure network of piping delivers the material to the extruders for conversion into pipe, tubing, and innerduct products.

Extrusion Process

Polyethylene water pipe and smoothwall innerduct are produced on extruders capable of making several different sized products ranging from 1/2" through 8" diameter. This broad range of sizes and types of product allows production to meet changing customer requirements. Water baths, utilizing recycled water, are then used to cool the pipe, ensuring correct diameter and wall thickness of the finished product.

Corrugated duct and innerduct is extruded and then put through a series of rotating mold blocks located at the end of the extrusion line. These blocks create anular corrugations which add significant strength to the tube while achieving lighter weight and improved flexibility. The design results in a conduit for fiber optic cable that is much lower in friction than the available alternatives.


After each pipe is properly cooled, it is permanently imprinted with identification data specific to each product. In order to track and monitor the quality of our products, each production run is marked with lot and date codes that provide traceability of each run.

Product information can be printed on corrugated innerduct using state-of-the-art ink jet technology. As with Endot's pipe products, imprinting includes lot and date codes that provide traceability of each production run.


Pipe and tubing is either coiled in standard lengths of 100 to 500 feet, or it can be custom packaged on reels to specified lengths. Reels are available in 48", 72", 84", 96", 102" and 114", with possible product lengths of up to 10,000 feet.

Large wooden or steel reels are generally used to package corrugated and smoothwall innerduct. This allows for the shipment of long continuous lengths of product to reduce shipping costs and permits the installer to cut the innerduct to their specific needs.

Endot's New Jersey facility has three production lines for corrugated products and seven lines producing both smoothwall innerduct and water pipe products. Endot's Tennessee facility has eight production lines for water pipe products and our Oklahoma plant has two corrugated lines and four lines for pipe and innerduct products.


Endot maintains a substantial inventory of products to allow rapid shipment to our distributors. The close proximity of our plants to the vast rail and trucking networks of the USA allows us to get products to customers throughout the nation on a timely basis.  In addition Endot's distributor partners carry inventories across the nation to support installers and end users.

Modern Operating System

A local network computer system provides current data on open orders, invoices, production, and inventory information. Endot's system is EDI capable and currently supports direct electronic ordering, invoicing, and payments from our regular customers. Up-to-date information keeps production schedules on track and allows minimum lead time.